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 Great Plains Structures is a specialty contractor designing and installing bolted steel storage tank solutions for municipalities and water utility companies


We are a distributor for Aquastore® Tanks manufactured by CST Industries, Inc. who designs and manufacturer’s products for water and wastewater storage, as well as fire protection and petroleum based applications for industrial clients.

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recent Projects

Randall Community Water District
Municipal Water
Potable Water Tank
 129’ X 33’
3.0 M Gallons
Cobalt Blue

recent Projects

City of Pineville, MO
Municipal Water
Potable Water Tank
22’ X 142’
0.4 M Gallons

recent Projects

Larkspur, CO
Municipal Water
Potable Water Tank
31’ X 47’
0.25 M Gallons
Forest Green

service area

Great Plains Structures is the authorized storage tank dealer in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota,Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Western Missouri, Western Wisconsin and Wyoming for CSTIndustries, Inc. (formerly A.O. Smith’s Engineered Storage Products Company of DeKalb, IL). GPS will provide new (turn-key) storage tank and geodesic dome sales, construction, and service for the brands that owners and operators have trusted for decades, including Aquastore®, HydroTec®, PetroTec® and CST Covers’ (formerly Temcor/Conservatek) OptiDome®.